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Half nomadic high cultures of Forests

• Lesson 1 Introduction. Seeing, observing, reading wilderness. Swamp as a surroundings.
• Lesson 2. Bear as the God in Kalevala. High culture of Forests
• Lesson 3. Culture of wild herbs in an ethnographical novel
• Lesson 4.After the High Culture of Forests: Seven Brothers and depression and the Forest.
• Lesson 5  Impressionism and the strange technology: first meetings with oil and railway.
• Lesson 6 Realism, the power of man and animal.
• Lesson 7 Poetry: reading the snow
• Lesson 8 Biological realism of the countryside

New styles of langugae and Wilderness

• Lesson 8 The Wilderness, thinking and dreaming
• Lesson 9 Man against the society, anarchism and survival
• Lesson 10 Fantasies of Winter
• Lesson 11. Modernism and meditation by the Sea and Forrests
• Lesson 12 Sawing the animals, and ecosystem
• Lesson 13 Minimalism and almost nothing